Looking for a better web browsing history

I browse the web a lot. I see too much stuff for bookmarking either via client bookmarks or service bookmarks like del.icio.us and Yahoo! and so I need something else. What I have been thinking about is an augmented history. The history is a chronalogical list of sites visted. Each visit can be augmented with tags, notes, page captures (HTML+CSS+JS), and page image captures (PNG image). All of this is browsable and searchable. Does anyone know if there is such a beast? I am willing to use a FireFox extension, a local (desktop) proxy server, or a remote proxy server.

Update: A key notion I did not mention above is that I don't want to "catalog" the site during browsing but do so at some time later in the day. While browsing might not seem like a flow activity it is. Interruptions should be limited. Bookmarking is a secondary activity, at best, but it requires that I keep the activity in mind while browsing and take action at unstructured times.