Blue bird exit

I have started the process to delete my Twitter account. My decision has little to do with its new owner. In fact, apart from the volume of angsty tweets, my timeline was largely undisturbed. What changed for me was my interest in the verity of information that was always available. I am just not interested in a shallow understanding of a broad array of topics any more. Better to use my time learning in depth and mulling over stuff.

Update: I canceled the delation. The month away has been refreshing and satisfying to have stopped a bad habit. I don't intended to return to the daily doom-scrolling, but I will drop in, from time to time, to have a look see. 2023-01-11

Update: I don't go to Twitter any more. I will sometimes follow a link to see a posting, but now that you can't see the response thread (without logging in) I am not tempted to look around further. 2024-06-27