This posting about Mag+, a possible future digital magazine, is a very well considered design. The short video is well worth watching.

Google Street View for meetings?

I had this device idea for meetings and was wondering if you have seen anything like this. The core of the idea is Google Street View technology but applied to meetings. One (portable) device is setup in the middle of a meeting space (room or table). The device has enough cameras and directional microphones to gather 360 degrees of visual and audio input. The output of the device is, for example, a 360 degree QuickTime movie with 360 degree audio (if there is such a thing). As you reviewed the movie and moved its directional focus around the room you would more clearly hear the voices of those in foreground of the camera. This would be a great device for all kinds of public and private meetings.

Feel free to steal the idea if you can make it happen! Just keep me informed. Thanks.