How to add commands to the OS X "right-click" menu – Simple Help

"This tutorial will show you how to use OnMyCommand to create customized "right-click" (contextual) menus in OS X. If you're a recent Windows 'switcher', you might have noticed that the right-click options lack some of the commonly used tasks (move-to, copy-to etc). OnMyCommand allows you to add these, and hundreds of other commands, back to your contextual menu."

MongoDB is Web Scale

A very funny rant on no-sql repository advocates

I too have also been in favor or using /dev/null for document storage.

What is your toolset?

After quitting all the non-development tools running on my MacBook I realized this is another kind of Minimal Mac. This minimalism has little to do with a tidy surface but instead a tidy toolset. Apart from the Drag application used to take the screen shot these applications -- iTunes, NetBeans, Screen Sharing, FireFox, Skype, and Terminal -- are my toolset. What is your toolset?