Good Terraform and AWS tutorial

The Learn DevOps: Infrastructure Automation With Terraform tutorial from Udemy is very good. While it is focuses on using Terraform to manage AWS it also gives a good introduction on how to assemble AWS' many moving parts.

The only trouble I had with the examples was that the initial ones assume that you have IP access via the AWS default security group. That might not be the case and so you will need to use the AWS console to allow your machine's public IP address ingress. To do this, go to the AWS Console, then to the EC2 dashboard, then to the Security Groups resource, and in that dialog select the default security group and add an Inbound rule for your public IP address.

Two masters

I attended last night's release of the Providence Geeks new website developed by Kenzan. Owen Buckley, Kenzan's director of engineering, did a good job describing the management and implementation of the project. The final result is a useful website, but with little polish.  This is because Kenzan had two customers and not one for this project. Providence Geeks (customer 1) wanted a new website to replace Facebook. Kenzan (customer 2) wanted a learning opportunity for its staff. So the project had too many acceptance criteria, or, as Owen Buckley said "when do you know it is done?"  Unfortunately, "done" was having built an 18-wheeler to haul a pin.