Where are the ducks? Update

I spoke with Terry Murphy of the South Kingstown's municipal Parks and Recreation department today for an update on the disc golf course at the Curtis Corner athletic fields. DEM has advised them that the island should not have been used for a course hole nor should it have been bridged. The course hole has been removed. The bridged will be removed within a few days. The DEM said that the Town should just let the island return naturally to its previous state. And I hope the ducks return.

The DEM and Town are also reviewing other disc golf hole locations around the pond that would be in violation if built.

Terry also said that the Town is will not be continuing to clear the understory of the course. The design of the course calls for narrow paths connecting the holes. So, like the island, the understory will be left to grow back and for the needed paths between the holes to be shaped and preserved with normal course use.