The Synchronicity War

I have been listening to The Synchronicity War. Initially this was because I saw that it was a free ebook and then I saw it was a $2.99 audio book. The story itself is not original, but as an operational description of fleet and squadron command it is a lot of fun. I stopped listening to it as fiction and started listening to it as documentary. It reminds of the Honor Harrington and Lost Fleet series.

A useful resource for spacecraft design and space navy doctrine.

Update: The action is non-stop. I found myself listening to it even when I only had 10 minutes available and I never do that. It ends with a cliffhanger, but I am going to give myself 48 hours before I impulse buy book two.

Update 2: I didn't wait 48 hours. I should have. There is nothing wrong with the 2nd book. I am just burnt out on the story's operational details.

Update 3: I finished the 2nd book. The beginning and middle of the book was a good continuation of the 1st's story arc. The last third seemed forced and rushed. It really could have been the introduction of the 3rd book. Unlike the 2nd book, I do not feel compelled to read the 3rd right away -- or even at all.