19% of my after tax income pays for health insurance

All the people that I know of who object to INCLUDING a public option -- as opposed to having ONLY a public option -- do so from the comfort of either retirement or working at a large employer. In retirement you already have a government sponsored health plan in Medicare and part D. If you are with a large employer you already have a good health care plan at little cost. Try working for a small company or being self-employed and having to worry every month about the dual horror of being laid off (or not having enough business) AND losing your family's healthcare. There is no grace period with healthcare insurers when you can't make a policy payment for a month or two.

Given the simple facts that most people in the US are employed by very small businesses that struggle with cash flow every month and that 1/6 of the US population (!) already have no healthcare we can't let this horrendous healthcare situation continue.