The "Narrator" service

I have an itch. I want to create a podcast. Not of myself talking on & on about something of importance to me. (I do this in my day job and in the mirror.) What I want is a podcast of the long articles or papers of interest that I discover. I want to be able to access these in the car or when I am otherwise not able to read them online or in print. A podcast of readings of these longer texts subscribed to in iTunes would be very helpful. And so I am now thinking about implementing a service to achieve this.

The "Narrator" service is a very simple pipeline. At this stage it looks like this:

  1. URL of article to read is deposited with Narrator.
  2. Narrator deposits the URL to Instapaper.
  3. Narrator confirms Instapaper's understanding of the text with the depositor.
  4. Narrator starts a HIT with Mechanical Turk.
  5. The HIT's reader uses Narrator's online audio capture to record the reading.
  6. The depositor is notified of the reader's audio availability.
  7. Narrator adds the article's link and the reader's audio to the depositor's podcast feed.

I will keep this posting updated as I find out more about implementing this service. If these already exists, then please tell me.

Update: The Umano app and service is getting close to what I want.