Using a simple command line script and Marked to keep and display notes

I was reading this and it sparked an idea for the combined use of Marked and a command line script. I often would like to simply collect notes as I work at the command line. The notes can all go into the same file and I will sort them out afterwards (GTD "inbox" style). So the simple command line

function n() { echo "$(date): $*" >>~/Inbox/Note.txt; }
defines a "n" command that works well enough. Usage is simply to type "n this is my note" at the command line and the script will put the timestamp and the "this is my note" text in to the file ~/Inbox/Note.txt.

The spark, however, was that I could use Marked to display an automatically updated view of the note file's contents. Further, I could add a little markdown notation to the script to help visually separate the notes. The final script is

function n() { printf "\n### %s\n%s\n" "$(date)" "$*" >>~/Inbox/Note.txt; }
Here the date is formatted as a header and the note's text as a paragraph.

The end result is a window like this