When to delete an abandoned project?

One of the projects I worked on was funded by the EU and so the code needed to be open-sourced. We did this by placing the code on SourceForge. And that was mostly all that was done. Eventually the EU stopped funding the project and so now the code sits abandoned. Untended. Crumbling with each new release of a dependent toolkit or tool.

When it was coded it represented some of my best work. Some of it is still good. Some of it I look upon with horror. This posting is not about me and my code but about the code's life. I can say without any doubt that the code will never be used again. Even in part. Anything that was useful has already been subsumed into other projects. So why keep it? Why should SourceForge pay to keep it available? I don't have a good answer yet, but I am leaning towards deleting it.