Blogger and Blueprint CSS

There are lots of blogging platforms available to use. But there is something about Blogger that I really like. If you are writing an online diary then all blogging tools are about the same. If you want to create an online presence for yourself or for an organization then I think Blogger has much to offer. For example, you can readily combine Blueprint CSS framework (see also grid generator) and Blogger's tools to create sophisticated magazine layouts (aka grid page layouts) and yet continue to enable the author to use the "Add and Arrange Page Elements" interface to add content via the rich collection of Google gadgets.

One of the problems with Blogger is that its potential to build sophisticated web sites is lost by the horrible documentation and its organization. This situatiuon is further compounded by Blogger having a long internet history and so online searches for help return outdated and/or misdirecting information. (It is amazing how much information on the web has no date or other version related data associated with it!)

The layout used in the picture uses this HTML coding.