Too much beer and ardent talk

The planning and execution of 9/11 took several years to complete. Oklahoma City took 2 years. These guys' plan seemed to be based on drinking too much beer and speaking too ardently the night before. Blockade the facility and let 'em starve. I give them 5 days before they quite.

Update: Their humiliation will likely to be the spark that sets this fiasco on fire. And that outcome WILL cause serious problems for this country.

Update: Regarding humiliation, "Hungry and cold, Ammon soon found his limbs entwined with Trevor’s. He was unsure where he ended and Trevor began. ‘It’s for warmth,’ he told himself. He pulled out his Magnum and gripped the barrel, locking eyes with Ammon. Ryan held the cold steel to his brother’s naked flank. Ammon gasped with pleasure and desire." Y'all Qaeda erotica fan-fiction.

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Matt Caron said...

Without getting into their methods (though I'm happy to discuss them if you'd like), one thing I think you should look in to is what is under that land.

With the first Bundy ranch standoff, there were allegations that the FedGov wanted the land so they could lease it to a solar power company as part of a deal Senator Harry Reid cut with said company. The issue was that the ranchers were using it so they couldn't do it while the land was in use. So, they came up with a reason to move the cattle off the land so that they could then claim it to be unused and lease it to the power company which solves a pile of problems - more clean power, more money than the grazing fees paid by the ranchers.

Now, I doubt there's much use for a solar plant in that section of Oregon, but what else is up there? Oil? Gold? Uranium? Other useful minerals? If it was just ranching and logging, then people are doing that already (and are allegedly getting moved off the land causing the cessation of these activities). I can't help but wonder if something similar is happening here - plans within plans and whatnot.

Or I've just been watching too much House of Cards.