And what do we do when we don't have our laptops?

Some questions for the School District not addressed in the 1:1 FAQ [1].

At the June informational meeting it was said that the laptops would need to be returned prior to PARCC testing for "certification". Would you please provide more detail? For example, where are some questions that come to mind.

1. PARCC testing this year spanned 10 days, will the laptops be held securely during this period to ensure their continued certification?

2. How many days or weeks before the testing will the laptops need to remain with the school?

3. Will the student be allowed to use their laptop during this PARCC certification and testing period in school?

[1] Note that the FAQ was distributed as a PDF document and not as a link and so this link goes to my Dropbox site.

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Update: See School Committee stands for educational equity.