Assembled row house

I made the time to finally assemble the laser cut row house. Here are two photos of the assembled building. I think it is a little out of scale for 15mm, but am hopeful it will be useful.

I learned much in assembling these buildings.

  • I need to increase the laser power a small amount so as to ensure that each edge is cut all the way through.
  • The 1/16" chipboard is a good material choice, but like all cardboard it tends to warp. To mitigate this, I will add internal structure the next time. More specifically, a hollow rectangular plate around the inside, top of the walls.
  • The method of creating stone work around the windows is too fussy. The next time I will cut it out from 1/32" card and glue around the window opening.
  • A better method of aligning the floors is needed. The improvised teeth I cut work, but are ugly.
  • I improvised a number of jigs to aid assembling the house. I will include these to be cut alongside the house parts the next time.

If anyone wants the row house patterns send me an email.