Wargames magazines

In the US the wargaming press is limited to three general audience magazines. Perhaps there are more, but I am unaware of them. They are

  • Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy
  • Wargames Illustrated
  • Miniature Wargames (with Battlegames)
Without a doubt your money is well spent on Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy. Its coverage of historical periods, rule sets, battle scenarios, available miniatures, and informative columnists is well rounded. And the Editor seems like a guy you would want a pint and a conversation with. I subscribe and will renew.

Wargames Illustrated was my first wargames magazine subscription. It continues to be a excellent source of inspiration, but its recent purchase by Battlefront Miniatures is clearly changing the weight of page counts from the broad hobby to Flames of War and WWII. I subscribe, but am considering not renewing.

I find Miniature Wargames interesting some of the time, but mostly I find the tone, as best I can describe it, as matronly. A nearby games store has back issues for several past years available and I have bought, read, and find these older issues and under a different Editor more appealing then the current issues. I will not subscribe.