Asked to continue to be involved with 1:1

I have been asked to continue to be involved with the South Kingstown School District's one-to-one initiative (1:1). I am not sure how to do that now. I kind of burned all my bridges on the way out. And I continue to believe we are also going about it in a rush and so the whole endeavor needs to be replanned.

I really think that there first needs to be a plan as to how the freshmen teachers will use 1:1. Let's take the 2014 summer and the 2014 fall to figure this out. Use a portion of the allocated money to contract for help and buy some equipment and services to learn with. And have the students engaged in this work too. Only then work out the specific devices and finances needed in the 2014 winter and 2015 spring. Have everything in place for the 2015 fall.

With regard to PARCC testing needs, buy as many cheap Chromebooks as needed and consider it a sunk cost. See New Device Costs per Year.

I see no need to rush 1:1 and no need to tie it to PARCC testing today.

What to do?

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