Funders should own failed Kickstarter project IP

It has long bothered me that established firms use Kickstarter to fund product development. Especially so in the boardgame and miniature games area. Established firms have other means of getting funding and getting it from funders that better understand the risks. Further, why would one want to support any established firm that is putting their own customers at risk? The recent failure of Torn Armor (of Torn Worlds [1]) is a good example of this.

In the venture capital world the funder at least gets the assets of the failed product. These assets have real value. Why don't Kickstarter funders ask for the same conditions? That is, when an established firm is looking to fund product development then the assets developed with the funding must be returned to the funders on failure. For a game product this would include the sculpts -- 3D models and "Greens" --, artwork, rules, and backstory, for example. The funders are then free to do what they want to do privately & individually with the assets or publicly and collectively.

[1] Torn Armor Kickstarter encounters a problem with Defiance Games