I had a great time Saturday attending the Boston Battle Groups's Havoc Game Convention (HAVOC). My goal in attending was to see different historical periods and different rule sets in play. In the morning I watched Day of Battle rules payed out by Christopher Parker (the rule set's author), his brother, Jen, and Richard Brian. The game is driven by a unique combination of dice (d6) and a standard deck of cards. I need to see the rules played out in a tournament to make a judgement about them. I want to thank Chris and Dick for sharing their time and knowledge with me.

In the afternoon I watched a Punic wars battle played with the the De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA) rules ((say what). This rule set seems most approachable. It had the feel of a boardgame but played with miniatures on an open table. Since returning from HAVOC I have spent the most time with this rule set. I want to thank Maureen, Spencer, Mike, and Harrison for a wonderful afternoon.

All in all, I met a wonderful group of people at HAVOC. All most willing to ofter advice and help. And Vic Gregoire invited me to join his "The Usual Gang of Idiots" for some wargames later in the year.