Need multiple-view calendar

The calendar displays that we have had forever just don't help me anymore. Too much information and/or too much interaction need. I want my calendars to show me what I want without interaction. I want to distinguish what is common and what is unique. Common, for example, are events such as every workday at 9 AM I have a standup meeting; Thursdays I deploy new releases; Every second Monday of the month during a school year I have a PTA meeting. Unique ones are the dentist appointment and the odd professional event at night. I don't really want one-view calendar anymore. I need multiple-view calendar like he one illustrated here.

The top chart contains my unique events over the last 2 and next 8 days. The second chart contains my common events over the last 2 and next 8 days. The bottom left chart is a list of common events for the next several weeks. And the bottom right chart is a list of unique events for the next several weeks.

Since we have separated events that actually occupy the same timeline we need to rejoin them somehow. My initial thought was to add a ghost to each chart that signifies the presents of an event in another chart, but I am not wedded to this.

Does anyone make a calendar like this, either visually or purposefully?