The A Future of Information Interfaces for Emergency Management

The video The Future of Information Interfaces for Emergency Management is a good envisioning of the very possible with the possible exception of the "grab and drop" transfer of visualizations between physical machines. The front line responders all have head mounted video and, I would assume, other environmental sensors. The amount of information given to the front line was less than what I would have expected. That is, there was too much emphasis on centralized management and control when distributed management and localized control is a better approach. Other interesting features in the video include

* big displays with three-heads being common
* virtual whiteboard+touch screen that shows the distant participant as if on the other side of the device.
* pie menus are finally (!) showing their strengths in a touch-screen world.
* more direct touch interaction with specialized virtualized controls.
* heads-up display on the truck's windshield.