Extra space

A great example of why your tool's screen-bounded user interface will never accommodate your user's needs. Found in Our Favorite Tools for Sketching.

This also reminds me to post a picture from Scott McClouds Making Comics -- which I think is his best book of the Understanding, Making, and Reinventing series -- of him (or is it his character?) sitting at a drafting table. So much useful empty space around the drawing paper. How easily and effectively can I use the empty space around this window I am typing into?

I have the idea that any day, real soon now, I will be able to get a half dozen wireless display panels to associate with my desktop and just spread them around as my working surface. I have been waiting since I first read The Computer for the 21st Century in Scientific American in 1991.

Oh, by the way, I am happy with monochrome panels of only several hundred pixels square using a low power protocol such as ZigBee.