Rosa's Testing Tools

I asked Francisco Rosa, CTO at Tizra and author of WebTst, what web application testing tools he uses and recommends. Here is his response:

"I am currently using Selenium [1] ... it really rocks since it allows you to do real UI testing ... You can pretty much do all your system integration testing that way and even test your site's JavaScript code ... pretty nice ...

"That covers at least part of the testing, other parts I cover with TestNG [2] for unit testing (have no idea how you can live with JUnit without the decent test classification TestNG provides) and with WebTst (still) for monitoring testing ...

"I also do continuous integration with cruise control [3], coverage reporting with Cobertura [4] (AgilePDF is up to 64% code coverage :-) ) ... all in all pretty cool (IMHO) ...

"I can no longer imagine development without all these tools/practices: system integration testing, UI testing, unit testing, monitoring testing, continuous integration and code coverage reporting.


"Hope this helps!"

Yes it does. And do I have a lot to learn!