Who buys hundreds of dollars of used fencing sight unseen?

Experienced my first active phishing scam today. I posted to Craigslist the sale of some chainlink fence paneling I no longer need (and, frankly, want out of my yard). Within the hour I received a text message from Steven Anthony at 903-865-2390 saying he would buy it, pay with PayPal, and would arrange shipping. It seemed a little odd that someone in Texas would buy $600 of paneling sight-unseen. Nevertheless, I gave him my PayPal account name and my home address. Then the buyer wrote
"I will have to included the shipper funds with the payment so that you will pay them once you receive the payment." 
Now, I am not selling something that can be shipped USPS Priority mail for $8. The paneling is a few 100 pounds of metal and 100 or more square feet. The buyer is going to have to contract with a long distance hauler and, most likely prepay, some or all of the price. I passed on the sale. The buyer never texted back with a counter offer or a simple goodbye. Part of me wanted to see what would happen next. My expectation was that I would soon have received an email from "PayPal" having me login and collect the payment.

I have no way of knowing if Mr Anthony was or was not a legitimate buyer. But there were many signals of fraud in our interaction. If I do discover that Mr Anthony was, indeed, just trying to buy a bunch of cheap fencing quickly, then I will apologize to him and remove this posting.