Wanted: Portable worktop and toolbox

Leo and I were talking about our first-world troubles of 1) not having a permanent miniatures painting station and 2) the that the temporary one we do have takes us away from the family at night. I have tried multiple ​solutions but so far nothing has stuck as work​ing​. In general, what I think I want is a portable worktop and toolbox. This way I can quickly retrieve it & open it up for working and later close it & store it away. The following have been inspiring and all within my skill level and with tools I have available​


I really like how this has a proper place for each item and that the work surface is quite wide.​


This one reminds me of the old portable writing desk​s. I like that it has draw for storage but that this is under the work surface is going to be inconvenient too often.


While not strictly as portable a worktop as the others, it is f'n awesome! and has many great ideas.

​I did make the following as an experiment of a least complex solution -- a wide box with lid that acts as copyholder and support for built-in lighting.

But, in the end, I did not like it. I mostly did not like that when the lid is open it blocks my view of the room and family. I have not put any time into designing an alternative yet -- but I will.​