Andrew Gilmartin Consulting

Do you have a collection of data in one or more sources that need to be brought together, harmonized, and made accessible with an online search, or reports delivered daily via email or a wiki?

Do you have a back-office workflow that has become complicated due to multiple pathways to completion and referenced data scattered across multiple sources?

Do you want to bring transparency to your handling of customer requests, but need to integrate this with a legacy system?

Do your online business processes generate voluminous detailed logs within which you are sure you can get useful historical perspectives, current awareness, and even some predictions?

Andrew Gilmartin Consulting is a solo software engineering consultancy. There is much one person can do these days. The availability of inexpensive online infrastructure and best-in-class open-source tooling has greatly reduced the cost and effort required to provide a solution. I have decades of experience designing and building software and user interfaces. I have built everything from small gadgets to web-scale applications. It is your need to have it solved that interests me, and less so the kind of problem and my compensation.

So, please do call me or send me an email if you would like to chat about the problem and how I can help.

Andrew Gilmartin