Re: 10 questions for the Superintendent and School Committee Chairwoman

I received a response to my letter with some questions about the 1:1 initiative. Note that the formatting is incorrect in some areas: I have asked for a clearer document.

I still need time to consider it. On the surface it says the right things and says them politely. (Very much Pauline Lisi's voice.) I am told that for more detail I need to meet with two other administrators. It has not been my experience that a meeting is more conducive to detail than a prepared document. The response is a step forward, but not the stride I was hoping for.

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Matt Caron said...

Unsurprising response. Professionally polite, generally light on facts, etc.

The numbers on folks having internet at home are interesting, I wonder if their estimates as to how many they'd have to subsidize are small. I'd figure that 10% of folks wouldn't have high speed internet. They suggest it's more like 1%.

The answer to the Windows question doesn't surprise me. No one got fired for choosing Windows, and it's still so dominant in most industries that they'd likely get more blowback by using some weirdo commie OS that no one else uses.. even though they have an Android phone in their pocket.. ;-)