If I am going to be successful in lobbying for a high school education deserving of our children I will need to learn a whole new kind of politeness and patients, and expect progress and not perfection. Perhaps this was not the year to give up booze.

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Matt Caron said...

Giving up booze? That's a frightening thought.

You can also do what anyone else in RI who cares about quality education does - private schools.

Liz and I go back and forth about this. I really don't like government schools, either in theory or in practice. They discourage individual and creative thought, break childrens' spirit, and serve as indoctrination centers of statist philosophy.

That said, Liz says the local school (which she attended) is not like that, since it is small and rural.

For starters, the kids will be in a local Montessori school. Once they're about to enter 1st grade, we'll comparatively evaluate the government school vs. Montessori school.

I'd vastly prefer my children being exposed to an anarchist, libertarian philosophy of voluntarism, markets and freedom than the government school's stance of state-sponsored coercion, theft, and violence.