Skype and development teams

My employer extensively uses Skype to coordinate and communicate. (Email is almost unused.) Within a software development team there are some regular annoyances that come from Skype's current design. I don't blame Skype or Microsoft for this situation as I think we are using the wrong messaging tool. However, using Skype in my team has clarified what the messaging tool needs. The changes that would make Skype better for software development teams are
  1. Use a fixed format font for sender and receiver because we still manually align tabular data and draw ASCII diagrams.
  2. Don't interpret any of the message text as emoticons, links, telephone numbers, etc. Most of the time the interpretation is inappropriate.
  3. Identify every message in a conversation so they can be referenced. We use specific identifiers -- file paths, line numbers, revision numbers, etc -- because specific referencing means that all parties in the conversation are using the same data. Use a simple initialssequence number identifier for ease of typing. (No UUIDs, please.)
  4. Includes images in conversations. Images are only slightly less important than text to a successful conversation.
  5. Show more messages on the screen. Do this not by making the font smaller, but by reorienting the message presentation to take advantage of monitors having more width than height.
What do you want to change?

Update: I would add tabular data to images as another first class data type. For example, I like how I can copy a SQL select result from DBeaver or SQuirreLSQL and paste it into Jira.