Clipping my magpie wings & I healing my crow wings.

I deactivated my Facebook account. I deleted my Instapaper account. I deleted my (RSS reader) account. I deleted my Delicious account. And others are going sooner than later. I am tired of have all these virtual stacks of unread stuff scattered around my virtual desk. I have enough physical stacks of unread stuff that really needs my attention -- and is, more often than not, deserving of that attention. I am clipping my magpie wings and I am healing my crow wings.

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Andrew Gilmartin said...

About a month ago I deactivated my Facebook account. I was spending too much time there and, frankly, the last thing need in ones day were my random posts and pontifications. But, I missed everyone. And then one day Facebook told me that I have reactivated my account (indirectly by using Spotify) and I was back. Just like that. I am not sure if all this indicates weakness, longing, or kismet?