Prototype of an Open Web App Ecosystem

Mozilla is prototyping an "open" application ecosystem. App store + installation + upgrades + payments. Nothing really new here except the "open" part. What really bothers me is that this really isn't going to help most people any time soon and, worse, when it is done it will be outdated.

The premise of Open Web App that I WANT to install and application in my browser. I don't want to do this because this ties me and the application to the browser I am CURRENTLY using. I don't use one browser. I don't use one machine. Today I regularly use three machines -- one MacBook, one iPhone, and one Windows laptop -- and four browser instances -- two of FireFox, one of Safari, and one of Internet Explorer. Tomorrow I expect to be using even more machines -- iPads, Android pads, setup boxes, Wii, etc. I don't want to be tied to one machine and one browser -- even if I can choose which ones. I want to be free to sit at any browser on any machine and just use an application and my data.

What I really want is for applications and data to be separated so that I can pick which application I want to use today to surface (visualize) a data repository. More on that another day.