Building and installing the NetBeans Git plugin.

I wanted a NetBeans Git. The only Git plugin that I found that was also current is

I tried the 0.1 distribution but it did not work with NetBeans 6.7. So I built it from within NetBeans:

Clone the project...

1) At the command line "git clone git://"

Build the module from within Netbeans...

2) Choose File/Open Project... and pick "nbgit".
3) Choose Create NBM from the nbgit project's context menu

Install the module...

4) Choose Tools/Plugins
5) Choose Downloaded
6) Choose Add Plugins...
7) Select the plugin: Mine was at /Users/ajg/Documents/src/nbgit/build/org-nbgit.nbm
8) Restart NetBeans

You can now use the plugin to explore, for example, nbgit.

As far as I can see, there is no NetNeans UI where you can import a project from, for example, github.