Beginning to not like Ubuntu

I am beginning to not like the Ubuntu Linux distribution. I needed Ruby and Ruby on Rails the other day and it required many more packages than, for example, Red Hat or plain Debian required. I needed the packages
  • rdoc
  • irb
  • libyaml-ruby
  • libzlib-ruby
  • ri
  • libopenssl-ruby
  • ruby1.8-dev
  • build-essential
  • sqllite3
  • libsqlite3-dev
Plus, the Ruby Gems package was ancient and so I needed to install this from source.

Today I needed vncserver, but after installing the RealVNC package -- called "vncserver" -- I and was unable to get it to use the ~/.vnc/xstartup. (And it did not know about the default location for Ubuntu X11 fonts either.) So I switched to tightvncserver and all was well. Perhaps if I knew some of the philosophy behind the Ubuntu packaging decisions I would be less at a loss for why stuff does not work. But I don't want to know this stuff. Sigh.

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Dave said...

Dude, get real. Your concerned about how many packages you had to install onto a distro that comes on 700MB of media vs how many you needed to install after an install from a distro that comes on a DVD?

Then you said something even more amazing; if you knew more of how Ubuntu was put together, you'd gain understanding but you don't want to know.

Your a dev right? Granted you use rails, but I am sure you understand that Ubuntu/Fedora/RedHat are tools, right? You said you installed gems from source, so you are no n00b, bro.

Why would you not want to know how best to use a complex tool in order to do useful work? This is not a wrench or screwdriver with only one function, and you are not a common desktop user.

The right thing to do after you take care of yourself and fix the problem, is email the Dev team maintaining(or maybe not maintaining) the package you are interested in and asking them why they are so far behind development. Ask the ruby type folks why this package is aging so badly.