Beginning to not like Ubuntu

I am beginning to not like the Ubuntu Linux distribution. I needed Ruby and Ruby on Rails the other day and it required many more packages than, for example, Red Hat or plain Debian required. I needed the packages
  • rdoc
  • irb
  • libyaml-ruby
  • libzlib-ruby
  • ri
  • libopenssl-ruby
  • ruby1.8-dev
  • build-essential
  • sqllite3
  • libsqlite3-dev
Plus, the Ruby Gems package was ancient and so I needed to install this from source.

Today I needed vncserver, but after installing the RealVNC package -- called "vncserver" -- I and was unable to get it to use the ~/.vnc/xstartup. (And it did not know about the default location for Ubuntu X11 fonts either.) So I switched to tightvncserver and all was well. Perhaps if I knew some of the philosophy behind the Ubuntu packaging decisions I would be less at a loss for why stuff does not work. But I don't want to know this stuff. Sigh.