A Blogger Grumble

Slight grumble. For bogging I do like Blogger's simplicity. I also like that with it being part of Google the content is quickly indexed for searching (within the Googleplex, that is). However, the postings editor is low in features and WYSIWYG editor is buggy. Sometimes it is hard to understand how the same company can create Blogger and Google Docs (I like Docs).

The worse part of the editing process is that when you switch between WYSIWYG and HTML editing modes Blogger changes the HTML. Your careful preparation of text, tables, and images in correctly nesting containers gets replaced with a series of HTML break (BR) elements.

It would also be helpful when editing in HTML mode if image references were local to the posting: So the first image is, for example, "image-001.png" rather than "http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-FUkHMJZHKnw/VVisJCRaS_I/AAAAAAAAoQM/Sk0YJw00LkY/s1600/2015-05-16%2B15.52.53.jpg" and the anchor tag leading to the slideshow presentation be equally simple. Overall, the HTML editing experience is not good. But then, I am not their typical user.

The upshot is, unless you want a constant battle, live within the features of the WYSIWYG and accept the fact that sometimes your posting will need to be reentered.

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Matt Caron said...

While it's all Google, I think that Google is now so big that treating it as a single company is fallacious. It's like saying that Sony entertainment has anything to so with Sony video games. They're part of the same megacorp, but are likely totally different autonomous divisions.

That said, I fixed my name not propagating through... which was a google setting in the "blogger" sub menu of my preferences.