SQL Antipatterns: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Database Programming

SQL Antipatterns: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Database Programming is a useful compendium of common relation database design flaws. There are a number of antipatterns where a single table is used to implement a data model that actually has more than one entity. Or, a metadata data model is implemented using a single table or multiple tables where, respectively, the reverse is better. The content is split into 5 parts: logical design, physical design, query, development, and appendixes. The first 3 are the most relevant to the book's title. The development chapter does have useful information on good application development practices, but could have been left out. Overall, worth reading and keeping on your self to share with others (and a reminder to yourself!) as the need arrises.

My town has many flooded roads, parking lots, and parks today. (We had 2.5" of rain in 12 hours.) My neighbor once joked that with climate change he and I have future water front property. It is becoming truer every year.

Sol Rashidi on delivering an AI product

This interview Your AI Survival Guide • Sol Rashidi & Joe Reis • GOTO 2024 is a useful discussion on delivering an AI product.

I read Sol Rashidi's book Your AI Survival Guide. While it is focused on delivering AI projects, it is also her distinctive take on project teams and delivery in general. Chapter 4, "How to Start", is very good and worth reading alone. I especially liked the quantitative readiness assessment as a means of selecting whether the business should be attempting an efficiency, productivity, effectiveness, expert, or growth AI strategy.