What does my pile of tech at Crossref look like?

What does my pile of tech at Crossref look like?

Service infrastructure is 29 deployments -- mostly 4 CPUs and 8G RAM -- handling 100M external (unique) queries and 1B internal requests per month.

Server infrastructure is Tomcat, ActiveMQ, MySql, and Oracle.

Service development is primarily in Java w/ Spring. Infrastructure operations aided with Bash and Perl scripts.

Primary datastores are RDBS using MySql and Oracle.

Secondary datastores are NoSQL using Oracle Berkeley DB, Solr, and bespoke solutions.

Full text search uses Solr, and bespoke Lucene solutions.

Data originates primarily in XML, JSON, tabular, and semi-structured text.

Lots of Linux operations experience. Some AWS operations experience.

No server, disk, or network hardware configuration and operations experience.

Source code managed in Subversion, developed in NetBeans, bespoke CI, and bespoke automated deployments.

Oh, and my trusty MacBook Plus.