Ousterhout's "A Philosophy of Software Design"

Greatly enjoyed John Ousterhout's Google talk "A Philosophy of Software Design." It is for the Tcl language and the Tk user interface toolkit that I know him. I was a fan of Tcl back in the day when you didn't add a REST API to your application, instead a you added a scripting language. For that purpose Tcl was a perfect match: easy integration of the interpreter into the application and easy extension of the interpreter with application functionality. Tcl did not make the transition to the Web and so has mostly faded into software development history. If you think DSLs are awesome you wish your language had uplevel and upvar. If you think Docker container images are awesome you will be interested in Tcl's Startkit.

In this talk Ousterhout is chronicling his attempt to teach software design at Stanford University's CS 190: Software Design Studio class. I want to find out if the local universities are trying this and offer to be a teaching assistant.

Update: I have two copies of his book A Philosophy of Software Design, but, sadly, neither has yet been read.