All government contractors to be restricted so that...

I had this crazy idea this morning. Got to share. I want all government contractors to be restricted so that

  1. The highest paid employee makes no more than 10x the lowest paid employee.
  2. No employee can have more than a 10% share of the company.
  3. The company is not to make more that a 10% profit.
  4. The employees have union representation.


Matt Caron said...

As an anarcho-capitalist, I find this horrible.

You first three are statistics restrictions on business practices which may impair optimum efficiency. If not, the market will arrive at that norm without coercion.

The last just annoys me because, while I don't mind unions, the first thing unions seem to do is say "to work here you need to join the union", which I reject. My employment is between me and management unless I voluntarily join the union.

Andrew Gilmartin said...

Why do you think that "the market will arrive at that norm without coercion"? The market today is far from this norm.

Andrew Gilmartin said...

And what organization have you been in where the goal of "optimum efficiency" rises above greed?

Andrew Gilmartin said...

I remember why this idea came to mind. I was reading the article Chain Gang 2.0 and was horrified that 13th Amendment was so blatantly being ignored. My list of 4 stipulations seems tame compared to the abdication of responsibility, and the outright criminality, of these States (and, by extension) the Federal governments.

Andrew Gilmartin said...

Perhaps using the term "union" is wrong. What I really want is collective bargaining. How this is implemented I am open to advice.

Matt Caron said...

I meant that the market would arrive at that norm without coercion *if and only if* it is an optimal result. The fact that the market is away from this norm is likely due to the fact that it is non optimal.

Greed is instrumental in optimum efficiency - without a profit incentive, why would you increase your efficiency?

I think the issue w/ Chain Gang 2.0 is likely rent-seeking behavior on the part of the prison-industrial complex. This behavior is only allowable because of the existence of government. Remove government, and there is no single entity with the power to grant favor in this way.

I'm okay with collective bargaining as long as membership in the collective isn't compulsory.