Open a new terminal window from the command line with helper script on OSX

With the help of a little script called term you can quickly tail the logs of remote machines each in its own window using

for n in 1 2 3 4 ; do \
term -t ds$n ssh ds$n tail -F ~qs/var1/logs/\?s-common.log ; \

The four machines I am watching are called ds1, ds2, ds3, and ds4 and the two log files I am interested in tailing -- qs-common.log and ds-common.log -- are in the same location. Term uses the -t option to set the window's title (if it is not given then the first argument is used.) Don't forget to use ssh-id-copy to configured the remote hosts to use a private key so no password is needed

The term script is

if [ "$1" == "-t" ]
shift 2
osascript <<EOH
tell app "Terminal"
set currentTab to do script "printf \\"\\\\e]0;$TITLE\\\\a\\""
do script "$@" in currentTab
end tell