Witch and showing minimized windows

A friend tweeted some time ago about being able to open any Macintosh's application's minimized main window using a consistent command key. Since I started using Witch I have been able to do this. Since Cmd-Tab is grabbed by Apple, I assigned Cmd-1 to invoke Witch. I have configured Witch to place its cursor in the list of application windows on the current application's first window -- which has always been, in my experience, the main window. The result of this is that I type Cmd-Tab and then Cmd-1 I effectually am able to bring the application to the foreground and have it's main window presented foremost even if it is minimized.

Note that I could just use Witch with Cmd-Tab but I find that my mind-fingers connection for "move to another application" to be too tightly bound to Cmd-Tab. Anyone know of a patch that will allow me to bind Witch to Cmd-Tab for OS X 10.6?