Make the "holding page" useful

Building a web site always takes longer than expected. And the size of the web site does not seem to matter. There is an inverse relationship between cost and commitment: A $10,000 job with 100% commitment takes about the same time as a $1,000 job with only 1% commitment. And who can commit to any project 100%. The point of this is that that web site's "holding page" better be useful. An "under construction" sign does not help your client or your client's audience.

For example, the holding page at Social Venture Partners Rhode Island ( is a one page web site. It tells you who they are, what they do, what is happening, and who to contact. All this on one page and maintained with an insignificant tool -- a few dozen line PHP script.

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Sososher said...

Hi Andrew,

We have gone one step further with the idea of Holding Pages.
We think a big percentage of the success of a web start up “among many others” is based on traffic. Sososher is at the beginning stages of design and construction – so we thought rather than do a Beta or Soft launch, we would start to generate traffic BEFORE the website has actually been launched.
Rather than having a static holding page, we have designed an interactive Dynamic Flash Holding Page (in the style of a News Reporters desk) to gain user interest. Features include a News Letter sign up, playable MP3, an iPhone with a countdown timer – informing you of the launch date, links to our Face Book Fan Page and MySpace page, a flash puzzle - as and when there are further developments and the launch date gets nearer the hand will place another piece of the jigsaw on the desk, slowly revealing what Sososher is all about “creating an air of mystery” and enticing the user to regularly check back at to see more of the puzzle being revealed.